Xiaomi Redmi A3x Unveiling Soon; Will Serve as a Cheaper Alternative to Redmi A3

Usama Rasool

Xiaomi is preparing to launch its newest addition to the Redmi A series – the Redmi A3x. The folks at Gizmochina have caught wind of this upcoming device, confirming its imminent arrival in a market overseas. While the specifications remain under wraps, the Redmi A3x will likely offer similar features to its predecessor, the Redmi A3.

The Redmi A series has garnered attention with its affordability and focus on essential functionalities like calling, messaging, and internet surfing. With a knack for everyday use, the oncoming handset caters to users seeking a reliable partner without breaking the bank. 

The Redmi A3, much like its predecessor, the Redmi A2, was tailored to meet the needs of users primarily interested in calls and text messages. While not designed for power users, these devices offer dependable performance for everyday tasks.


Now, Xiaomi is poised to unveil the Redmi A3x, building upon the success of its predecessors. Details about the Xiaomi latest budget mobile are scarce, but internal sources have revealed some hidden information, including model numbers and a possible launch timeline. 

The Redmi A3x carries model numbers "24048RN6CG" and "24048RN6CI." When inspected closely, these numbers indicate an April 2024 release date, with availability in global and Indian markets. While specific features remain unknown, the Redmi A3x likely will share similarities with the Redmi A3.

The anticipation builds for the launch of the Redmi A3x, and fans are encouraged to stay tuned for further updates. With Xiaomi's track record of delivering value-packed smartphones, the Redmi A3x is sure to impress with its combo of affordability and essential features.