Xiaomi Redmi A3x Launched in Pakistan; Unisoc T603 Chip, 90Hz LCD, 5000mAh Battery

Usama Rasool

Xiaomi Redmi A3x becomes official. And it reaches Pakistan without a single second wasted. They wanted this version to be an even cheaper alternative to Redmi A3. It feels like they did a pretty good job there. Storage, RAM, and SoC are the only things they changed. Everything else was left untouched except those.

You'll see that enormous circular camera first if and when you purchase A3x. But it's more a design piece than a functional hardware. There are two lenses inside it. One is an 8 MP first camera. The other is only a 0.08 MP auxiliary unit. And yes, the selfie shooter also exists inside the A3x with a 5 MP resolution.

You'll see a 3 GB physical RAM here. Of course, it's extendable virtually. But that won't be as effective. Built on board is 64 GB storage. Also, there's a port to expand it via an SD card. A3x has got a Unisoc T603 engine. Yes, it's old, but it will manage the Android 14 Go edition just fine.

A 6.71" LCD that you see up front. It does a 90Hz fast refresh rate at 720p quality. DC dimming helps this Xiaomi's budget new model reduce eye fatigue while you use it. There's nothing else surprising for you there. Maybe, except for Gorilla Glass 3. Most phones don't have it at this price.

A fingerprint reader is there also, right where the power button lives. Redmi A3x will run you a full day with that 5000 mAh cell resting inside. 10W wired charging has its back when it runs out. The cost of this phone in Pakistan is Rs 18,999.


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