Xiaomi Poco F6 Pro Boldly Challenges Samsung Galaxy S24+ in the Latest Teaser

Usama Rasool

Not to count the Snapdragon version because no Chinese phone can beat that one (yet). But the Galaxy S24 Plus Exynos might suffer defeat at the hands of the Poco F6 Pro. We should already let you know that they are almost set. Their deployment of the F6 Pro globally will begin on 23rd May. That much we are sure of because of the teasers.

Put Poco F6 Pro and Galaxy S24 Plus side by side in one of the new teasers: that's one new way to market a device. They are probably confident that the F6 Pro is better than the S24 Plus. We'll keep our opinions to ourselves. Let you be the judge.

Category one will be 'performance.' F6 Pro is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 device. But that one-year-old chip won't stop it from being a flagship. Galaxy S24 Plus is tugging away with an Exynos 2400 on the other side of the rope. Poco F6 Pro does up to 16 GB RAM. Tie that with 1 TB storage. Galaxy S24 will be climbing as high as 12 GB + 512 GB.

We'll make 'display' their second category. QHD+ 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X are Galaxy S24 Plus specs. And also, a max 2600nits brightness. Xiaomi Poco latest mobile is with WQHD+ 120Hz Flow AMOLED. This one's brightness is 4000 nits in peak (specific conditions).

They highlight the power of 5000 mAh for the Poco F6 Pro. 120W Hyper charge solution comes complimentary with that battery. Galaxy S24 Plus has less capacity, almost 4900 mAh. 45W wired and 15W wireless charging is this one's ability. A 50MP camera OIS support comes all the same in both models. 


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