Xiaomi 15 Series will Cost Even More than Last Time — DCS Reports

Usama Rasool

You may have noticed this trend now, where companies are blindly skyrocketing their flagship phone prices. It has something to do with silicon manufacturing costs. You've seen how criminally expensive the Galaxy S24 series is. There's no turning back the clock. And it looks like the Xiaomi 15 series will walk down the same route.

The rise in the cost of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip decided the fate of so many smartphones. And the Xiaomi 14 series was one of them. Let us put things in perspective for you. In Europe, that vanilla Xiaomi 14 retailed for €999. That was only the starting price of this device. Other MI 14 sibs only climbed higher.

Digital Chat Station on Weibo warns everyone that the latest 5G Xiaomi models will step it up a notch. It's evident because they struggled to maintain budget prices last time. If higher retail is the decided fate for the Xiaomi 15 series, the brand will be in a tough spot.

It's already hard to argue Xiaomi's value against Samsung or Apple. The only thing they had going for themselves was low prices. With that gone, they will lose their competitive edge. DCS believes that the costs of memory, materials, and chips are upstreaming, so it will be hard for Xiaomi to keep things steady price-wise.

The Xiaomi 15 duo is locked and loaded for a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. If you went down the rabbit hole and looked for Qualcomm's trend, you'd notice an uptick in every generation's price. We are sure that SD 8 Gen 4 will cost more than last time, and so will the Xiaomi 15 series.


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