Xiaomi 15 Featured in a Full Blown Specifications Leak; Chipset, Camera Details, and More

Usama Rasool

We hear Xiaomi will drop that annual 15-generation flagship duo in October. China is obviously the priority region getting those phones first. And we still have a long wait time before all that. We couldn't find any official details. But there is still much you can build on from leaks. Digital Chat Station gave his two cents about the Xiaomi 15 yesterday.

DCS had a lot to spill on his Weibo post. There was a hint about a Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. But that much seems confirmed anyway. Then there are 1.5k resolution and LTPO varying refresh rates to gush about.

This one's fate may be a compact form (like all those precursors we’ve seen). DCS confirmed that much in his Weibo post when he said 'medium size engineering machine.' 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage are also coming per his leak. Its storage class may be UFS 4.1 or 4.0 and LPDDR5X RAM.

Then he sprinkled in some info about cameras. Xiaomi's new 5G model takes 50 MP shots with its first rear camera, by the looks of it. And after that, there is a second 50 MP ultrawide. 50 MP bonus telephoto sensor makes three.

We are positive they’ve cooked up many stylistic hues for it this time. DCS assures there are at least glass and vegan leather options among them. So, the tradition lives on.

The battery details of the Xiaomi 15 are few and far apart. Even DCS had little info about it. But lucky for us. His discussion on the Weibo comments left a few hints for us. That cell is better quality than last time. It could hold more capacity while being lighter.


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