Vivo X100s, X100s Pro, and X100 Ultra Tipped with Battery, SoC, and Charging Details

Usama Rasool

Standard Vivo X flagships get a refresh mid-year annually with a letter 's' slapped onto the moniker. It usually means upgraded hardware as compared with the non-S models. May 13th is when the company will take the Vivo X100s Pro, X100s, and X100 Ultra to the stage. Before that, there's a leak spree going around that you should take note of. 

We recently saw the battery and camera details of all three Vivo Xs models in leaks. The Weibo post by a Chinese tipster goes deep into X100s, X100s Pro, and X100 Ultra specs. 'Experience More' named leaker says the following about these handsets.

Vivo X100s has the hardware built around MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ Chip. V2 imaging engine is a secondary chip here to assist with photo shoots. Then there's info about its battery. X100s has a 5100 mAh cell that's to recharge rapidly at 100W. Visionox OLED tech is coming with it, pulling 1.5K resolution.

The second one, Vivo X100s Pro, ups the battery limit to 5400 mAh. It also has MTK Dimensity 9300+, but the imaging chip is V3. Its Pro status will allow 100W charging and a bonus wireless solution with 50W input. But the Visionox OLED is consistent here with 1.5k resolution on the Vivo flagship new models.

Then there is talk about Vivo X100 Ultra. It is a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 phone with a V3+ imaging SoC. Samsung E7 display will be its specialty with an OLED curved 6.78" size and up to 2K resolution. Ultra's battery is 5500 mAh, but the charging is 80W wired + 30W wireless.


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