Vivo V29e 5G to Launch in June; Timeline, Memory Specs, and Colorways Leaked Online

Sohail Akhtar

The Vivo V29 series is underway, and speculative reports indicate that the Vivo V29e will be the first device to launch from the collection. Let’s establish the basics first. The stack includes V29 Lite 5G, V29 5G, V29 Pro 5G, and V29e 5G — as corroborated by previous reports.

The tipster Paras Guglani shared his findings on the internet about one of the devices, the Vivo V29e 5G. According to re, it bears the model number V2304. In specs, the phone has Dimensity 7000 series chip alongside 8 - 12 GB RAM with 256 GB of internal storage.

Under the shell, V29e carries a 4600mAh cell lined up with an 80W charging kit. Another impressive feature of the device is its camera. The newcomer flexes a 64MP primary sensor. Since most of its specs remain a mystery, we are yet to determine how it competes in the Vivo Price List.

Alongside the specs, Paras Guglani shared the expected launch timeline and color options for the Vivo V29e 5G. He reports that the new 5G Vivo mobile will break cover in June, featuring a black, gold, and blue trifecta of colorways. 

Given the absence of official confirmation to validate these details, it is prudent to approach them with a hint of skepticism and exercise caution in accepting them as definitive. While the information presented by Guglani piques curiosity, it is advisable to await official announcements.

As for the rest of the V29 siblings, hearsay indicates Snapdragon 695 chipset in the Lite variant and Dimensity 8200 chip in the Pro. Some suggest that the V29 Pro is just a rebranded Vivo S17 Pro (bound to launch in China at the end of this month). We’ll serve you with more details later as more developments come to light. So keep close to our daily News portal.  


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