TECNO Spark Go 2023 (4/64GB) Sheds Price in Pakistan; Rs 2,000 Discount on Retail

Sohail Akhtar

Pakistani shoppers are in for a treat as TECNO slashes prices on its Spark Go 2023 (4/64GB) model. Once wearing a Rs 27,000 badge, this trendy gadget now boasts a tempting Rs 24,999 price tag, shedding a sweet Rs 2,000 off its original rate — quite the steal for customers, especially given its punchy specs.

Making its first mark back in May, the Spark Go 2023 came with some weighty expectations tied to its price tag. After the initial retail rush, the tide seems to have simmered. But, with this fresh price nip, TECNO is putting this phone back on the radar. 

The Spark Go isn’t just another entry-level clone; it has its own flair. Its innards house the trusty Helio A22 chip paired with an intriguing 7GB RAM setup (4GB physical and an extra 3GB virtual) while efficiently using its 64GB storage. The cherry on top is a nifty bottom-mounted Type-C port, making it stand out in the cost-friendly gang.

Its 6.56-inch IPS LCD screen, offering an HD+ resolution (720 x 1600), boasts an impressive 84% screen-to-body ratio. The display of Tecno new budget model doesn't shy away from hosting a subtle notch, cradling a 5MP camera for those impromptu selfies.

But wait, the camera story doesn't end there. Flip the device around to find a camera duo: a solid 13MP primary shooter and its QVGA sidekick. And while you're there, you’ll witness an ergonomically-placed fingerprint sensor cozying next to the cameras. 

With a 5000mAh battery and an Android 12 brain, this TECNO offering indeed nudges toward attention, especially with its freshly minted price. At ~Rs 25,000, the features perfectly justify the Tecno Spark Go’s cost, especially in Pakistan. 


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