Tecno Phantom X2 Series to get 3 Years of Extended Software Support; Expect Android,13, 14, and 15

Sohail Akhtar

Recently, Tecno made its first-ever true flagship duo, Phantom X2, and X2 Pro, official. The phones boast multiple world-fist innovations, with the highlight being X2 Pro's camera unit with retractable lens doing zoom+portraits. While the duo has all the high-end bells and whistles, they came with an out-of-date Android 12 operating system by default.

Tecno is not a brand known for consistent support, OS updates, or security patches. Since all the high-end phones in the market get multiple full-fed OS updates from manufacturers, Tecno Phantoms should bear the same effect. Being in the top tier of devices, Phantom X2 and X2 Pro expect Android 13 and 14 upgrades.

X2 line abounds Android 13 in the coming days. OEM has promised Android 14 in the series' update roster, but Android 15 of 2025 is still under discussion. When Google seeds the final version of Android 15, Tecno will decide whether or not to broadcast it to phones. 

At any rate, X2 Phantoms are a valuable addition to the Tecno price list also ridding people of their concerns about software support. In upscaling its market reach to flagships, Tecno now pledges at least three years of OS updates. So the series is good to go till at least 2025.

Tecno spans and serves over 70 countries, including the biggest revenue markets like Saudi Arabia, Kenya, and Nigeria. The Phantom X2 series will venture out to those markets eventually. It has yet to be confirmed, but the phones will launch in several markets under Tecno's reach. That includes Pakistan as well.

For those out of the loop, X2 Phantoms are Dimensity 9000-based devices carrying curved AMOLED screens and batteries with an extended life on a single charge. Phantom X2 Pro's giant camera module houses the world-first retractable portrait shooter. The pair holds all the bleeding edge specs Placing it above the Camon series. The 19 neo is one of the latest Camon addition going strong in the local market these days. Tecno Camon 19 Neo's starting price in Pakistan is Rs. 40,999.


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