Samsung Patents a Rollable/Foldable Phone; Unofficial Renders Showcase How it Works

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung, the industry maestro behind all the innovative display tech, has hinted at a rollable smartphone in the works. A recent patent discovery on February 13th showcased diagrams of both foldable Galaxy Z Fold 6 and rollable Galaxy designs. 

Though lacking the finesse of official renders, the collaboration between CalibreCleaning and xleaks7 has brought these patent drawings to life. The renders depict a unique foldable device with a second body connected by a hinge, with a support plate housing a rollable display panel. 

What sets this concept apart from existing foldable phones is the tertiary hidden display that lives inside the chassis, aiming to provide more workspace for productivity. The potential of a rollable smartphone hinges on the patent's illustrations.

Samsung brings out multiple concepts to the CES every year, with each showcasing a unique way to pocket large-format displays. The original Samsung Galaxy Z Fold was the first foldable concept to reach the consumer market. A Samsung flagship folding phone seems to be the right step in Fold’s progression. 

These images, while not reflective of an imminent product launch, help capture the essence of the patent’s blueprint. It's essential to acknowledge that patent-based renders don't always translate to real-world products, and Samsung's real-life implementation may differ significantly. 

Despite the uncertainty, these speculative images spark excitement within the tech community as Samsung continues to explore and redefine the boundaries of smartphone design. Only time will reveal if Samsung's rollable smartphone becomes a reality or if it remains a concept. 


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