Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Opting for a Revamped Design; Wider Screens, Slimmer Chassis

Sohail Akhtar

A set of leaked photos roaming the internet suggest that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6 is undergoing a complete revamp, vying to reclaim the spotlight in the foldable phone arena. The company’s Galaxy S24 series set the stage for innovative design, and now, it's the foldable phones' turn for a glow-up.

Leaked renders, courtesy of David Kowalski and Pigtou, offer a glimpse into the potential design overhaul of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Samsung seems to be addressing concerns about the bulkiness of its foldable phones, as the device appears to be notably thinner.

However, Samsung isn't blindly chasing slender proportions. Recognizing that tall foldable phones may not be everyone's cup of tea, the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is approaching with a wider chassis. Sporting larger outer and inner screens, the Samsung latest foldable phone will completely alter the aspect ratios. 

The leaked information aligns with earlier reports, indicating a significant departure from the current design iteration. Samsung is reportedly exploring a new hinge module to ensure a sleeker profile without compromising durability. 

The detent hinge employed by the new Galaxy Z Fold 6 may feature multiple symmetrically centered housings, distributing the load on the screen evenly. This innovative approach aims to provide stable stopping points, offering users tactile feedback during the folding and unfolding process.

The leaked renders also showcase a redesigned camera array, with modules placed directly on the back of the device. The final Galaxy Z Fold 6 design may not perfectly mirror these leaks, but the likelihood of a thinner/wider chassis positions Samsung to reaffirm its dominance in the competitive market.


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