Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6 Ad Banner Unintentionally Revealed by Samsung

Usama Rasool

We must stay sharp now because Samsung will introduce their Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6 almost a month from now. That said, we now see a promo image unintentionally leaked by the Samsung website in Kazakhstan long before the official debut. They took care of it instantly. But lucky for us, things like this are never really deleted from the internet. And traces of it always live on. 

We thus get our hands on more descriptive renders of both phones. They likely want to reveal the duo in July. We are sure there will be an unpacked event for it. You should expect some elemental design changes for the Flip 6. And a trivial overhaul for the Fold 6. This series is going to change forever. 

This supposed marketing banner we found has very detailed images of both runners. Their Fold 6 threw away the old look entirely. It’s looking more boxy now. We’ll all be seeing sharper corners and a slimmer hinge. And we’ll be seeing a camera bump with three silos wrapped in black grooves.   

The grey hue you are looking at must be their ‘Silver Shadow’ option of the Samsung's latest foldable model. That Flip 6 is a different story. There aren’t any cosmic changes with this one. It shall have a fingerprint ID on the side like there always was. And the cover screen will take the shape of the iconic Folder logo like before. 

But those cameras have something different about them when you look closely. Those rings have accents around them the same color as the rest of the chassis. What you look at here is the ‘Light Blue’ color of the Flip 6. And you can tell the upper half portion around the outer screen is a neutral color. That’s possibly the case with every Flip 6 color. 


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