Samsung Galaxy A35 to Sport Enhanced Camera; Upgrade Imminent from 48MP to 50MP

Sohail Akhtar

Galaxy A34, affectionately termed the 'middle mid-ranger,' is set to pass the baton to its successor, the Samsung Galaxy A35, with a significant camera upgrade. Samsung is tuning up the camera game for all its upcoming mid-rangers, catching the tempo with evolving consumer expectations.

For a good stretch, Samsung's mid-range Galaxy A series played it safe with either 48 or 64-megapixel sensors. However, the narrative changed with the Galaxy A54 donning a 50MP sensor last year, leaving the A34 trailing with an older 48MP sensor. 

Samsung has earmarked 2024 to advance its “middle mid-ranger,” the Galaxy A35, likely due for a spring release. It will still fit between the pocket-friendly Galaxy A15 and the Galaxy A55.

Sources on the internet have funneled down some camera specs of the Galaxy A35. The Samsung 4G latest mobile will allegedly house a 50MP primary camera, in line with its pricier sibling, aiming to alleviate the low-light photography problems noted in the Galaxy A34.

Meanwhile, the front camera remains a steady 13MP, echoing the A34’s specifications. Although hardware remains unchanged, a software overhaul is on the horizon, destined to refine the selfie experience.

The Galaxy A3x series often comes across as a dialed-down version of the Galaxy A5x line, particularly in camera prowess. With the A35 bridging the pixel gap, courtesy of its new 50MP sensor, the chasm between both lineups will shrink significantly next year.

Samsung fans in the Netherlands and Belgium may have to be patient till spring 2024 for the Galaxy A35's debut. Until then, the Galaxy A34 continues to hold its own, boasting a dead mid-range position in the Samsung roster. For those scouting the market right now, the Galaxy A34 is available in Pakistan for ~Rs 115,000.


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