Samsung Galaxy A02s and A05s Bolster Security with the Latest March 2024 Update

Usama Rasool

In keeping with its commitment, Samsung continues to extend the March 2024 security patch to its entry-level smartphones. The most recent devices to receive the update are the Galaxy A02s and Galaxy A05s. These models, bearing codes SM-A025F and SM-A057F, respectively, receive the latest security without any UI improvement.

The March 2024 security update aimed at addressing 45 security vulnerabilities, thus reinforcing the system. The firmware version for the Galaxy A02s update is A025FXXS7CXC1, while that for the Galaxy A05s is A057FXXS2BXC3. 

Currently available in Asian countries, the update should reach other regions shortly. Pakistani users with Galaxy A05s and A02s will be seeing the update momentarily. To check for the update manually, users can navigate to Settings » Software update » Download and install on their devices. 

The Galaxy A02s follows a biannual security update schedule, receiving two security updates a year, since its launch in 2020. Given this schedule and Samsung's commitment to provide security updates for four years, it's likely that the Samsung budget new model will receive only one more security update in the future.

In contrast, the Galaxy A05s operates on a quarterly update schedule, receiving a security update every three months. Launched last year with a promise of security updates for five years, users can rest assured about the device's security until 2028.

As always, Samsung is prompt in sending security updates to its devices. The company’s support efforts underscore its dedication to safeguarding its users across all segments, ensuring a well-guarded mobile experience for its customers.


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