Realme GT 6 Official Details Hint at Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, Battery, and Charging Specs

Usama Rasool

You must know the Realme GT 6 is coming on 20th June globally. It's very close, so we are discovering new specs every day. They revealed a bunch more today. And we are not talking about leaks. The details we are about to tell you come straight from the company.

That Global GT 6 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. You can see it in the teaser poster. Antutu gave it a score of 1.65 million+ with no effort. That's because 8s Gen 3 has the same DNA as an 8 Gen 3. There's one X4 ultra core, 4nm fab, LPDDR5X UFS 4.0, and an image ISP. We can call it a flagship by all means.  

They say the world's largest 10,014 sq mm dual VC cooling system will keep that engine cool. That will mean more stable FPS in games and a less stuttery UI under duress. It's one more advantage for it. A nine-layer colling system is hard to beat in the segment it's coming in. 

Then there are battery details we found. GT 6 officially has a 5500 mAh reservoir to power all that bulky hardware. And you won't believe the charging speed they are using here in the Realme GT's latest model. 120W charging standard will refill that battery in under 30 minutes.

But the design is familiar. What we saw with the Realme GT 6T must also come with the GT 6. There will be one change there that will make all the difference. You would see a glass material on the backplate instead of plastic. Their 20th June event will be more telling about its other specs.


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