Realme C61 Discovered on Google Play Console; Unisoc T612, 6GB RAM, Android 14

Usama Rasool

Realme C61 rose from the shadows yesterday. Then, it popped up on Google Play Console. Its existence isn’t exactly breaking news. We know NBTC, BIS, and FCC already cleared the C61. Sure, the details are far and few, but GPC did try to reveal the primary specs. So, let us show you what you didn’t know about C61.

‘RMX3939’ is the model number for it. There was a render on the GPC document, so we know what the design looks like. C61 is a class above the old C51. Not sure why. But the resolution is still 720p 320DPI. There are gradients in that back panel. And there are three cameras in a vertical position. If you know Realme C65, you already know what design it’s going for.

Unisoc Spreadtrum T612 processor is what GPC foreshadows. That means the tradition for entry SoCs lives. Its 1.8 Ghz clock speed won’t break any records. But it will be enough for light daily tasks.

As for the total physical RAM it hauls, GPC tattled about 6 GB of onboard memory on the Realme budget new mobile. That may even manage that RAM-hungry Android 14 well. But that depends on more than one variable. We do hope they optimized the home OS for lowly RAM and SoC. 

5000mAh battery is almost sure, even though the GPC listing didn’t reveal it. LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS must be the connectivity options here because these are standard with every phone. Plus, we know from other certifiers that Realme C61 is 167.26 × 76.67 × 7.84mm in size and 188 grams in weight. 


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