Apple iPhone 16 Pro May Host a 5x Periscope Telephoto Lens, Same as the Pro Max

Usama Rasool

Telephoto lenses are what you typically see in iPhones. They appear circular, as most of you are familiar with. But the future change we hope for is that the iPhone 16 Pro may have a periscope zoomer. And that can appear as a squarish lens. DigiTimes substantiated all the rumors we’ve heard before.

When last time Apple launched the iPhone 15 series. They gave the Pro Max version a 5X telephoto. It took a little edge over the Pro because that one had only 3X telephoto. DT’s report said that Apple may have listened to the user feedback and wants to give both Pros the same treatment this time.

They say Largan Precision and Yujingguang may be the partners helping Apple produce the periscope lens modules. Apple hasn’t done anything like this before. But they may be taking an odd approach here. Their iPhone 16 Pro is all about quadruple-reflection prism design.

They hope it will reduce the camera bulk of most periscope sensors on Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 models. It may be costly, sure, but the camera bump will go down by a large sum. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. We still need to see how Apple handles the light loss because of those bounces inside the prism medley.

We heard something about a super Telephoto lens from the leak-ville. It may be a lens exclusive to the Pro Max. Or a name that Apple’s giving to their periscopes. You know how Apple is with their naming conventions. And how everything has to be different from their competitors. We’ll let you in on further secrets when we know more.  


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