Apple iPhone 16 Pro Duo Takes Aim at Better Ultrawide Cameras; Details Tipped

Usama Rasool

We've found more rumors about your dearly awaited Apple iPhone 16 Pro. They say the camera configuration will not be the same as last time. And that the iPhone 16 Pro is switching it up this year. 48 MP first shooter checks everyone's box as far as iPhones are concerned. But that 12 MP standard for ultra-wides feels ancient to most of us. 

People are hopeful for better ultra-wide resolutions this time. And so are we. A leaker on Weibo says that a 48MP wide-angle camera is coming to the iPhone 16 Pro and the Pro Max. And also, we'll see the rusty IMX633 sensor by Sony get replaced by an IMX903. The leak makes sense.

We saw the iPhone 15 Pro Max get a new periscope telephoto sensor with 5X zoom instead of 3x standard telephoto. Resolutions remained all the same at 12MP, but the photos were way more professional. That isn't going to change. But it will be the ultrawide's turn to upgrade this time.

The iPhone 15 Pro cameras are already a hit among youth. But Apple improves something in that category every time. So, there is a chance you may see an upgrade in ultrawide photos of Apple's latest iPhone models. That Weibo leaker may not be too far off the mark.

We are almost positive that the iPhone 16 Pro has a bigger screen this time (among other upgrades). Also, Apple will put an A18 Pro chip inside it to make the OS snappier. The iPhone 16 lineup is on track for a September release, fingers crossed.  


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