Apple iPhone 15 Pro & Ultra to Ditch the Clickable Buttons for Haptic-drived Sensors

Sohail Akhtar

Now that Apple’s all four models from iPhone 14 catalog are out, iPhone 15 rumors have started gaining momentum. About a week ago, a leak from a well-grounded source claimed iPhone 15 Ultra is leveraging titanium chassis for added durability. It turns out that’s not the only thing they plan to reinforce.

Apple Insider Ming-Chi Kuo, on his Twitter handle, shares that 2023’s Pro iPhone 15 models plan to trade their physical volume rockers & power keys with static capacitive haptic-geared sensors similar to what we saw back in 2016’s iPhone 7. This trade-off has a solid potential to bump the IP ratings.  

Users won’t be able to push the capacitive keys; instead, the tactile feedback through haptic motors will drive the user’s craving for a physical click. Kuo says three auxiliary motors abound in the next-gen lineup, in addition to that existing Taptic engine. Smartly placed under the static sensors, they will mimic the feel of actual keys.

Moreover, Kuo adds that the Taptic engine supplies for Apple's iPhone new model phones will expectedly grow 80-100% in the following year. Since Apple’s a trendsetter, Android companies will try to follow in its footsteps. The motor suppliers Luxshare ICT and AAC expect radical growth in sales.

In addition to non-protruding keys, enthusiasts expect an overhauled naming scheme whereby iPhone 15 Pro Max will get rebranded as 15 Ultra (the lineup’s ultimate phone). The titanium chassis is one of the first indicators giving 15 Ultra its alleged kingship of 15-series. 

Where enforcement of European laws will affect most manufacturers in 2023, pushing them to adapt to Type-C ports, Apple might not have any choice but to comply or ditch the charging port entirely. 


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