Xiaomi Redmi Note 14 Series on the Horizon; IMEI Database Exposed Launch Details

Usama Rasool

They have a new target Note series lined up since the Note 13 series is close to the end of its cycle. Redmi Note 14, Note 14 Pro, and Note 14 Pro Plus are almost upon us, naturally. These were all parading with their model numbers on the IMEI database before.  

Each model number we saw on IMEI listings was an exposé of their launch month on its own. Redmi Note 14 code ‘24115RA8EG’ for Global and ‘24115RA8EC’ for China. Their prefixes (2411) mean the launch month will be November 2024 for global markets and China. We are sure about the month at least. 

Note 14 Pro has a launch at least two months before. Their Pro model is ‘24094RAD4G’ for the Global market. And it’s code ‘24094RAD4C’ for China. 2409 was the prefix there. That means September 2024 is the month for this one. But we still have no idea about the exact day.

What’s left of this series is the super-ranking Note 14 Pro Plus. Their model numbers for this one are 24090RA29G (Global) and 24090RA29C (China). Again, the starting number 2409, we believe, rats out the launch month of September 2024.   

We are months away from these expected release months. Thus, the details are very secretive. The whole community will start digging dirt on it down the road. There will be leaks and renders eventually. We await those revelations, and so should you.