Xiaomi Redmi 14C 5G and Redmi Note 14 Series Found on IMEI Database with Details

Usama Rasool

Redmi has at least two more series planned for this summer, and they are not subtle about it from what we’ve seen. You remember the Redmi 13C 5G from last year. We hear it will soon get replaced by Redmi 14C 5G. And from the Note lineup, they will quickly drop the Redmi Note 14 series (in less than three months). 


The proof of Redmi 14C 5G was a listing from the IMEI database. Hence, we know it’s in development and how close it is to the launch. It may not be in the next few weeks. But their C series cycles quickly after every six months. That last device dropped in December. Thus, there’s little time left for the 14C.

China, Japan, India, and some other global markets await it. We are positive that Redmi 14C 5G will be a widely released model. There aren’t any specs to talk about yet. But you’ll hear more about it when we revisit the phone closer to its debut.

And about that Redmi Note 14 roster. IMEI database is witness to three more models dubbed Redmi Note 14 5G, Redmi Note 14 Pro 5G, and Redmi Note 14 Pro+ 5G. Each one seems due in the Chinese market and globally. 

From what we could tell by looking at the model codes 24090RA29G, 24115RA8EG, and 24094RAD4G. There’s a ‘2409 prefix’ noting the month of September 2024. That’s, hopefully, when they plan to launch the series. There was some more about Redmi Note 14 Pro+ 5G.

Their Internal code for the Pro+ is ‘amethyst.’ It is 5G, hence the moniker. And it defaults to Android 14 and Hyper OS out of the box. We suppose all these Note 14 models have that in common. IMEI doesn’t include any specifics about hardware, so we have nothing to add right now. But you can wait for the leak spree to begin.