Xiaomi Poco Pad is Also Launching Globally at Dubai Event with Poco F6 & F6 Pro

Usama Rasool

Did you guys know that Poco has whipped up its own tablet line? And it looks like the first to launch from it will be the 'Poco Pad.' They will execute an event in Dubai for it. Yes, we are talking about the same event that's to happen on 23rd May for the Poco F6 series. Poco Pad is joining those two phones, it seems.

There were many sightings of this tablet before. SDPPI signed it off, and that's when we knew its model number was '2405CPCFBG.' TDRA, IMDA, and EEC cleared this model a little while later. But Poco put a stamp on its imminent debut by teasing it. That official banner has the time and date for Dubai's event. 

There was not a complete reveal by them, unluckily. But reports say that the Poco Pad, in reality, is a Redmi Pad Pro with a changed sticker. That gave us something to build on. Their original tablet from Redmi rolled out in China some time ago. If Poco Pad turns out to be the same, you can expect these things from it.

The IPS display of the Xiaomi Poco new tab might be 12.1" in size. Its clock speed will be 120Hz, fittingly. You'll see 600 nits brightness from that panel. It might not be a flagship, but an aluminum frame is there with Redmi Pad Pro. Then there's the talk about its performance.

Poco pad does not have a single chink in its armor. A Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 is there to boost its running speed. 8 GB RAM and 256GB ROM will cover users well. Also, a 10,000 mAh power cell runs energy into its hardware. Folks in Pakistan should also get fired up about it. Because we hear Poco Pad is also coming to Pakistan with Poco F6 and F6 Pro.