Vivo Y36t Unveiled in China with Helio G85, Android 14, and 5000 mAh Battery

Usama Rasool

Vivo branched off the old Y36 device several times before this. The previous ones were Y36 5G, Y36 4G, and even Y36i. There is a new rebuild now that launched moments ago called Vivo Y36t. The cheap price of this phone will tell you about its target market. But availability is only in China for now.

Vivo Y36t is the cheapest in the clan. That's why the screen resolution is only 720p. An outdated notch style on that 6.56" LCD will bug some people. It gets no flashy refresh rates, just your average 60Hz panel. And there's a camera that lives on its forehead with 5 MP resolution and does facial recognition.  

It has many things going for it in the performance category. Helio G85 pulls the weight plenty to run an Android 14 OS. They also decided to give this phone 6 GB RAM. So, that will help keep many apps open in the background for on-the-fly multitasks. And let's not forget about its 128 GB ROM. 

You see the dual lens optical setup on the back of the Vivo Budget 4G new mobile. One of those is a prime 13 MP camera. The other is probably there to assist it. Y36t has a much more minimal design than any other Y36 model before it. Cheap as it is, there are no compromises there. 

That gets us to the battery and essential details. They went for a standard energizer here. 5000 mAh battery will run you a full day. For backup is a 15W top-up system. IP54 rating completes this phone. We believe this model's price is 799 yuan in China (~PKR 30,000).