Vivo X100 Ultra to Dethrone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with Industry-first 200MP Periscope Lens

Usama Rasool

Vivo X100 Ultra wants to compete head-on with the camera king. Galaxy S24 Ultra is doing flawlessly with 144 on DxOMark. These points have S24 Ultra propelled to the 21st position in the Global ranking. Vivo X100 Pro met the challenge by putting down 150 DxOMark points, camera-wise. Imagine how aggressive the X100 Ultra will be.

Its launch is upon us, only a few breaths away. Vivo X100 Ultra popped up before unveiling with some shots captured by its zoom camera. They must be a part of its advertisement because they show how potent zoom photos are on this ultra-primo flagship.

All of them are shots of celebrities on stage, either rehearsing or live. It is the best use-case scenario for high-zoom periscope shooters on pocketable gadgets, so they showed it with Vivo X100 Ultra. Galaxy S24 Ultra bites the dust in comparison. ZEISS T* coating is doing its magic in those roughly lit settings. 

They also want us to know about Vivo's latest flagship mobile's camera setup. There is a 200MP first sensor, it will get all the attention. But don't start comparing this sensor with Samsung's right away. It is 200MP but also a periscope, which just blows the mind away. It is an industry-first 1/1.4" epic lens that ZEISS has polished with a super-clear glass shield. 

It should make a great first choice for zoom shots. Vivo V2 image processor will optimize cameras without stressing the main CPU. There will be two other sensors (50MP alpha + 50MP Wide). But they are just under-shadowed by that 200MP zoomer. Also, know that flagship specs will come at flagship cost (reportedly around USD 950).