Vivo V40, V40 Pro, and V40e Spotted in a Leak with Model Numbers — Early Peek

Usama Rasool

We have some leaks about the Vivo V40 series to share. Yes, it's in development, and yes, they are not doing 'V31' or 'V33.' They are jumping straight to the Vivo V40. The maker's last V30 clan was a hit. So, a new V40 suite seemed almost inevitable to us.

The new V40 bunch hit our radar moments ago in a leak. Vivo V40, V40 Pro, and V30e are the three main entries, likely. Maybe it will expand later; we are not sure. But the current situation and leaks only concern those three models. A credible news publisher spotted the phones and documented them.

The source also spilled some info about an interview with a Vivo executive. Jumping ship, or in this case, branding, to V40 seems to be for a reason. The exec said that the entire lineup is going through an evolution. And it will not be the same thing as before. 

Their naming convention does make all of it sound believable. But we don't want to color yours or our opinion. So, we should get back to the point. As we were saying, the Vivo new flagship smartphone seems to have the model number 'V2348.' Below all ranks is the V40e with MN 'V2403.'  

And let's not forget the V40 Pro, the main entrée. Its model number may be 'V2347.' Believable, because the last phone got the number V2319. There are no specs to share by us, or anyone, for that matter, because it's too early. All their specs should be outed once we are closer to the eventual debut.


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