Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 and V Flip 2 Teased by EEC Certifications; Launch Imminent

Usama Rasool

Tecno enthusiasts have something exciting to look forward to. Recent developments on the internet hint at the possible launch of Phantom V Fold 2 and V Flip 2 soon. Initially surprising the world with the Phantom V Fold followed by the Phantom V Flip as the cheapest foldable duo, Tecno seems poised to continue the tradition.

The latest buzz surrounds the EEC certification of two upcoming devices: the Tecno Phantom V Fold 2 5G and the Phantom V Flip 2 5G. Identified by model numbers AE10 and AE11 respectively, the heirs to last year's AD10 and AD11 models suggest a significant leap forward in foldable technology.

While concrete details about their specifications remain under wraps, Geekbench listings offer some insight. The AE10 model, possibly belonging to the Phantom V Fold 2, appeared on Geekbench with the Dimensity 9000+ chipset in January and February. Meanwhile, the AE11 model, likely for the Phantom V Flip 2, surfaced with the Dimensity 8050 chipset in February.

Interestingly, these chipsets in the Tecno latest foldable mobiles differ from those powering their predecessors, suggesting potential upgrades in performance and capabilities. However, discrepancies in the Geekbench listings raise questions, indicating the need for further clarification before concluding.

Tecno's foray into the foldable phone market has been met with utter surprise, and the prospect of new Phantom V Fold 2 and V Flip 2 models only adds to the excitement. The newcomers will likely maintain their record of the cheapest ever foldable phones in the industry.  

As details unfold, Tecno fans eagerly await official announcements from the company regarding the Phantom V Fold 2 and V Flip 2 specifications, features, and launch dates. Stay tuned for more updates as the story develops.