Tecno Camon 30 LOEWE Edition Released in Pakistan; New Paint Job With Original Specs

Usama Rasool

Camon 30 is a great series, looks and all. You peep at the spec sheet once, and the jaws fall to the floor. It’s the same story for that design. People can’t get enough of it. So goes the Tecno Camon 30 LOEWE edition launch in Pakistan. They took the original, dressed it in designer accents, and rereleased it in our local market.

A teal paint job, it boasts. There’s a vegan leather finish, and then silver accents top it off. You can tell this phone is a work of art. Gradients fall from dark to light tones from one edge to the other. And we know you want to know what LOEWE means here. Well, it’s a Spanish Luxury fashion house founded in 1846.

It’s a fruitful partnership with that fashion house, by the looks of it. Camon 30 stands out now in a way it could never before. We have LOEWE to thank for that. But that’s enough babble about its looks. Under that designer look, we know it’s the same old Helio G99-loaded Camon 30.  

Its visor is the same 6.78” AMOLED flat at a 120 Hz quick refresh rate. 1080p, almost 90% screen/bezel ratio, and Always on display all work in its favor. Then there’s a 50 MP front camera on the Tecno Camon latest model among the sharpest resolutions in the market for that category.

Helio G99 Ultimate is the engine here doing 2.2 GHz clock speed. Back on that rear panel, its story continues with a 50 MP first camera and a 2 MP secondary unit stationed in a glass disc. And it’s still 70W fast charging for a 5000mAh battery. Now for the Camon 30 LOEWE edition price. It’s 8/256 GB and costs Rs 49,999.