Samsung's new teaser video suggests a powerful new Galaxy Note 10

Khawar Nazir

The Galaxy note10 Unpacked event is just around the corner and Samsung has reminded us once again that we are going to "See the Next Powerful Galaxy on August 8, 2019". Its the second official teaser of the new Note series that talks about work & productivity features rather than focusing on the camera or entertainment.

Samsung Indonesia's Twitter account reveals the upcoming Note 10 to have a much powerful configuration, enough to replace the need of using multiple devices to get work done. Why use multiple devices when you can do all of that on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10? Especially when it has the all-new DeX mode to transform any HDTV into a desktop computer.

The new video paints the Galaxy note 10 as an enterprise-focused device, a good way to impress the power user. Towards the end, the video also focuses on the stylus pen and camera, much likely to be hinting about an improved S-pen and a better overall front-facing shooter. 

Looks like the Korean giant has a lot up its sleeves. Whatever the surprises, you won't have to wait for too long as the unpacked event is just a month's time away. So do remember to check back soon as there's a lot more to come before the official Galaxy Note 10 presentation on 7th of August.