Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 to Markedly Expand the Cover Screen Size

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 5 is set to revolutionize the foldable phone game with its latest design upgrades. In the closing release, the handset abounds with a significant increase in the size of its cover display, as confirmed by the industry's notable predictor @IceUniverse.

According to the claims by Ice, the outer screen will now cover almost the entire upper half-shell of the phone, with a unique but irregular edge that will set it apart from any other foldable device on the market.

Sources close to the matter also informed the internet earlier about this design change, but due to lackluster evidence, the claims were discarded. The tipster's report builds upon the previous details while giving more info about the oncoming Samsung Foldable.

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Flip new Model's cover boasts a unique approach to encompass a display. The design draws inspiration from the industry's iconic emblem for a folder; it should give Samsung a fantastic opportunity to implement some innovative software features.

As evident from the predictive renders, the phone's dual camera system will likely prevent the cover display from running across the entire area of the phone's shell. That said, the company's adaptation to this design will undoubtedly make for one of the most significant upgrades in the series' history.

Although controversial, the notched display area symbolic of Samsung's first-ever Galaxy Z Fold will undoubtedly lend more usability to the Galaxy Z Flip 5's cover screen. An alleged 3.4-inch panel on the back instead of the legacy 1.9-inch cover opens up numerous avenues for the company to explore. Stick around for more details on the subject as we delve further into the developments in the future.


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