Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Grabs the Latest Security Package with May 2024 Update

Usama Rasool

We are almost reaching mid-May 2024. It's not too early but not too late for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series to welcome the May 2024 security patch. Most will agree that the update has reached these flagships in time. Your Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra are just days away from reinforced rebuilds of One UI firmware.

The monthly security overhaul is tapping regions in Europe and the USA. It's about 500MB size-wise and doesn't include a thing save from the security patches. The progress is slow, but that update will finish rounds in these regions soon. So, there may not be as long a waiting period as you think.

If you have one of the S24 series devices, there will be a notification once the update is available in Pakistan. It will take you to update the menu on its own. Sometimes, there's no notification, so also check manually. Go to device Settings > Software Update > Download and Install. Start, and let the Samsung 5G new smartphone reboot after it.

This update will install 45 patches, and as always, Samsung recommends you jump on the bandwagon as quickly as possible. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities left in the system before these security fixes. Those loopholes get fixed with the May 2024 update.

There may be some bug fixes, as always. But they are not name-checked on the changelog. They will build on the phone's already optimum performance. Make it more stable and enjoyable. There will be fewer crashes and stutters after it.


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