Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Pops up with Expected Features and Early Specs Roundup

Usama Rasool

Leaks around the Fan-edition of the Samsung Galaxy S24 continue to pile up. The phone isn't coming out until several months. So, we've entered an early round of leaks. The most detailed specifications outline for the Galaxy S24 FE has just popped out on the internet. Let's review it.

We all saw it coming: S24 FE's design is just another refresh with aesthetic changes. A barebone slab with three dark silos, nothing unusual to report there. Even its position is predictable. Ranked between Galaxy S24 and Galaxy A55, there's much to like and possibly wait for with S24 FE, like the display.  

Without a doubt, you should believe that an AMOLED display is looming. But its size will be a debate, though. A compact form, a 6.1-inch screen, might be coming if the new rumors have some weight. But if the direction is similar to S23 FE and S21 FE, we might revisit a 6.4-inch AMOLED.

And then there's the matter of performance. The old S23 FE got a selection of Exynos 2200 and SD 8 Gen 1. Leaks suggest only a single option is in store for the S24 FE. It might be the Exynos 2400 sold with the vanilla S24. Also, the RAM will be 8/12 GB, and the ROM will be 256 GB UFS 4.0 on the Samsung budget flagship smartphone.

Cameras are its highlight, to be sure. Images from its prime sensor get an uptick from 12MP to 50MP shots. Other sensors are the same except the selfie shooter, which has a 32MP shooter and not the old 10MP lens. Its battery will be 4500 mAh with 25W wired and 15W wireless AC. 


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