Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Confirmed in Development; Hard Evidence Proves it's in R&D

Usama Rasool

One of the things that we love about Samsung is that it listens to its fans. They even have an entire series dedicated to that cause. That's what their fan edition phones and tablets are for. Some features are amiss, but they are like Galaxy S phones. And it seems that the Galaxy S24 FE is next in line for that honor.

Samsung's Galaxy S24 FE has been spun into controversy, unfortunately. It's because a while ago, there was a credible report saying S24 FE got canceled. Then, there were rumors that it was just late, not canceled. But we've found some hard evidence now that proves S24 FE exists. 

There's an entry on Samsung servers (spotted by Tarun Vats). It was a One UI test firmware for that S24 FE, and it gave away the model number for the phone. We now know that Samsung is proceeding with S24 FE with code SM-S721B. The phone is coming eventually, and no one can deny that now. 

There's an event coming in July from Samsung. Some argue it will launch around that time, but this event's first focus will be Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6. So, we are not sure about FE's chances there. The company is silent about it, but the rumor mill has much to say about the Samsung flagship budget phone.

The old S23 FE got a selection of Exynos 2200 and SD 8 Gen 1. But that doesn't look to be the case this time. They say only a single option is in store for the Galaxy S24 FE. It might be the Exynos 2400 sold with the vanilla S24. Also, the display might be 6.1" AMOLED, smaller than last time.


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