Samsung Galaxy S24 FE Benchmarked with Exynos 2400 Deca-Core SoC and 8GB RAM

Usama Rasool

Samsung Galaxy S24 FE has an Exynos model. No one can deny it now. Geekbench tested that model and shared the results on its database for dexterity. It proves two things. They are working on it behind the stage, and it has an Exynos 2400 chip designated for it. We also heard about a One UI test build for it in leaks. So we have a lot to talk about, folks!

Exynos model means they want to go international with it. We can tell you what that chip does. And Geeknbench will show you how it performs. Exynos 2400 is a Deca-core chip. Ten cores are unheard of for a mobile SoC. So you can call this one a step forward into the future.

Of those ten cores, we can recall it has an elite 3.2 GHz alpha core. But Geekbench mentioned 3.1 Ghz alpha core here. Is it possible that the S24 FE has a lowly spin-off of an Exynos 2400 chip? We aren’t sure about that. Up next, there are 2x @ 2.9GHz + 3x @ 2.6GHz clusters with 4x @ 2.0GHz cores for efficiency.

We found another interesting thing from Geekbench. And that was confirmation of 8 GB onboard physical RAM. New phones in 2024 are all getting Android 14. And so will the Samsung latest flagship mobile when it releases in late 2024.

All that hardware config should give this S24 FE a mighty performance bump over the previous S23 FE. Geekbench has it down with some great test results. It scored 2047 points when tested on one core. But all ten cores running in parallel have a potential of 6289 points.


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