Samsung Galaxy A53 Prompted with Android 13 x One UI 5.0 Update; Take a Look

Sohail Akhtar

In terms of OS updates and patch releases, Samsung trails Apple by an inch, which somehow provides a whopping five years of iOS updates. Samsung one UI ranks second with four years of OS and five years of security OTAs for Galaxy S and A-series users. 

After making OneUI 5.0 official, the Korean phone maker promptly dispatches the update to all its flagships and some eligible A-series models. Samsung Galaxy A53, the mid-ranger awaited for the November patch 2022, finally catches One UI 5.0 update in the Netherlands. More global markets will follow soon, including Pakistan.  

The latest update on Galaxy A53 bumps the firmware to version "A536BXXU4BVJG." The OTA package is almost 2Gigs in size and brings the October 2022 security patch plus updated versions of Samsung's default apps.

The OS update doesn't have major overhauled features like OneUI 5 on the Premium Galaxy members of the Samsung rate list. It only features essential Android 13 functions and minor customized UI refreshes. With Android 13, users can customize their lock-screen, get intelligent app and widget recommendations, and select themes and modes for different times of the day.

In the usual fashion, the OTA started its journey from Europe, and a few weeks down the road, it will visit global markets one by one. That goes for Pakistani Galaxy A53 users as well. An alert will pop up in the notification center upon availability. 

To DIY later, open the Settings app on the new Galaxy mobile, head on to "Software updates," and tap the "Download and Install" button; your A53 will take care of the rest. After a complete reboot, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G's high-end sibling will perform faster with new animations.