Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Receives the First Official Security Update with Enhancements

Sohail Akhtar

Samsung has initiated the rollout of the inaugural software update for its Galaxy A15 5G model (SM-A156E), introduced in December 2023. This update is notable for incorporating the February 2024 security patch and aims at enhancing the device's overall performance.

The update, identified by its build number A156EDXU1AXB8, addresses a comprehensive list of 72 security vulnerabilities. Additionally, the update promises to refine device behavior, significantly improving the user experience. The firmware size is approximately 252.98MB, indicating a substantial upgrade.

Initial reports from users in India, shared via social media, confirm the commencement of this update in the region. Samsung will likely extend the availability of this update to additional markets soon, including Pakistan. The phone will notify users when the update reaches them.

Samsung offers a manual check option within Samsung budget 5G mobile settings for users who didn’t receive an automatic notification for this update. By navigating to the Settings menu, selecting "Software update," and then tapping on "Download and install," users can initiate the update process themselves.

Although the update remains unlisted in Samsung's firmware database, it should appear on the list shortly. At the device's launch, Samsung committed to delivering quarterly security updates for the Galaxy A15 5G. Therefore, users can look forward to a second security update by May 2024, ensuring continued protection and optimization.

The proactive strategy by Samsung to update and reinforce its devices underscores the company's commitment to maintaining high standards of user security. Post-launch, the company intends to keep the device relevant as long as possible.


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