Realme Note 50 Visits NBTC Platform Earmarking a Diverse Smartphone Foray in 2024

Sohail Akhtar

Realme enthusiasts may soon witness the company’s smartphone expansion in a new direction with the Realme Note 50. As hinted by a recent certification on Thailand's NBTC, the device reveals the model number RMX3834 and suggests the beginning of a fresh "Realme Note" series.

The same model number surfaced on the Eurasian Economic Commission EEC’s radar in November 2023. However, these certifications offer minimal insights into the device's specifications or features, leaving fans curious about what Realme has in store.

The company has already strategically covered diverse price segments with its existing lineup. The budget-conscious users have the C-series, while the numbered category caters to the mid and upper-mid-tier segments. The GT lineup constitutes flagship models like the recent Realme latest flagship model.

The potential introduction of the Note catalog raises questions about the specific niche it aims to occupy within Realme's extensive smartphone family. As details remain under wraps, enthusiasts eagerly await further announcements from the company.

Further building the excitement, Realme has teased the imminent arrival of a new smartphone. A subtle hint dropped by the company hints at a possible confirmation of the Realme 12 series launch date in India on January 3. The lineup witnessed globally on various certification sites includes the Realme 12 Pro and 12 Pro+. 

The 12 Pro may feature a Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 chipset and a 32MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom. Meanwhile, the Pro+ variant will likely boast a higher-resolution 64MP telephoto lens, providing a 3x optical zoom capability. Both these devices earmark an exciting new chapter for Realme devotees.


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