Realme Narzo 50A 4G Certified by NBTC and BIS; Coming Soon in Two Storage Options

Faisal Rasool

The Narzo series is Realme’s line of high-performance budget phones. The current-gen Realme Narzo 30 is barely a few months old, but the brand is already working on sequels. Skipping one generation, the lineup is titled Narzo 50. Narzo 50A is the first edition in the series to be certified.

Realme Narzo 50A was signed off by Thailand's NBTC and Indian BIS authorities. It’s listed on their respective public databases under the model number ‘RMX3430.’ Since the documents are telecommunication certificates, they don’t specify any details beyond LTE connectivity for the Narzo 50A.

But a Twitter-based phone leaker reports that the Narzo 50A is offered in two colors — Oxygen Blue and Oxygen Green. It features 4GB of memory and 64GB/128GB of internal storage. Other than the Narzo 50A, Realme should also have Narzo 50 and Narzo 50 Pro in store for us.

Realme new model 2021 skips a generation in the process. The brand has yet to release a phone with ‘4’ in the name. In the past, the Realme 4, Realme X40, and Realme C4 names were shelved too. We suspect it’s because in Chinese numerology the number is believed to be unlucky.

Official details have yet to come out, but the Narzo 20 series debuted in September last year. So if Realme sticks to the release calendar, the Narzo 50 should be coming soon.


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