OPPO Reno11 Series Takes Health Monitoring to Next Level; Heart Rate & Sleep Tracking Upgrade

Sohail Akhtar

The Oppo Reno11 series, launched on November 23, has just received a health-centric upgrade, setting a new standard in the smartphone arena. Yesterday, Oppo proudly announced that users of the Reno11 series can now measure heart rate and monitor sleep directly from their phones, eliminating the need for additional accessories like bracelets or watches.

By harnessing the mobile’s IMU sensor, the Reno11 series employs the heartbeat rhythm signal (BCG) to provide accurate heart rate measurements. A mere 15-second gentle press against the chest is all it takes to obtain vital heart rate information without the hassle of external devices.

Not to be outdone, the Reno11 Pro model introduces an advanced sleep monitoring function. Placing the phone next to the pillow during sleep activates various metrics, including sleep stage, heart rate, respiratory rate, and even snoring. The comprehensive evaluation of sleep quality is a thoughtful, health-focused feature.

It's important to note that the sleep monitoring function, including snoring detection, is exclusive to the Oppo Reno11 Pro model. Users keen on monitoring snoring can activate the latest Oppo flagship mobile's microphone function for an even more detailed sleep analysis.

To enhance user engagement, the Oppo Reno11s have also introduced a new health-sharing feature, allowing users to broadcast their health-related achievements and progress with others. The Reno series now has an exclusive "Health" app for quick access to Heart rate and Sleep modules.

The health-oriented features introduced by the Reno11 lineup could start a new feature race among smartphone companies as people become more conscious of their health and daily activities. The inception of health monitoring apps and sensors within phones will be a spectacle worth watching.


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