Oppo A3 Pro Secures Multiple Certifications, Paving Way for Global Launch

Usama Rasool

Oppo A3 Pro 5G hit China a couple of weeks ago. That was when the rumble about its global release began. People who are not in China will get to see this model shortly. And you should know that the international debut is very close. We say that because some global certifications cleared Oppo A3 Pro recently.

Indonesia's SDPPI has that model on the list with code 'CPH2639.' That region seems clear for Oppo A3 Pro's launch. The other certifier is Eurofins. We believe it gives the A3 Pro a green light for the Europen launch. The model number is on that certifier's list too.

Eurofins has A3 Pro (global) specs consistent with the Chinese model. It says there are 10W, 20W, and up to 45W fast charging standards. Also, there was a hint about a 5000mAh battery in specs. We presume A3 Pro (global) and A3 Pro (Chinese) have much in common.

Go over the Chinese variant's specs real quick. Guess what the new phone will look like. Oppo A3 Pro is flashy, design and specs-wise. Then, there is a 6.7-inch AMOLED on the front of the Oppo 5G budget mobile. You can see it has curves and a circular camera. 64 MP first and 2 MP second depth sensors are uncommon, so we appreciate them. 

Dimensity 7050 chip will serve people well. Especially power users. 8GB RAM to 12GB RAM is also there for such people. But let's not forget that 120Hz refresh rate is A3 Pro's specialty. WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 are also those features that power users crave.  Oppo A3 Pro has it all, and so will the global version.


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