Official Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha Videos reveal the true Screen Potential of the new Surround-Display

Taimoor Khalid

The last week was an awesome tech week of Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer unveiled Mi MIX Alpha that surprised everyone with its unusual "surround screen" that extends to the rear of the device. After the official presentation, the brand shared some short videos showing the potential of the new display panel.

In the seemingly “no problem” video series, Xiaomi starts by sharing the first video about the fact that the Mi Mix Alpha has no buttons on the side. In this short official clip, we see an app opened via the side panel.

Getting a massage on Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is truly an amazing experience. In what is described as a “new way of receiving messages”, the video shows the sides flashing in a very attractive blue light.

My favorite animation of the new Mix Alpha appears while charging the device. As you can see in the video below, the smartphone lights up with a green glow that fills the smartphone as it gets charged.

The back screen of the Alpha will stay tuned off if not used, to avoid draining the battery. However, if you turn the backside towards your face, the Rear-screen will light up immediately so you can start using it.

Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is by far the boldest smartphone ever produced by Xiaomi. Its is a concept device that will have only 500 units being manufactured this year. It won't be a smartphone for everyone, but the brand does show its full potential with this futuristic new device.

For those of you who don't already know, the device will cost RMB 19999 in China or about 450,000 Pak rupees in Pakistan, and that too without taxes. The price is certainly out of reach for an average consumer but this particular smartphone is not made for just everybody. The MIX Alpha is a smartphone made especially for those tech-savvy enthusiasts who are willing to pay for the technology from the future.