Nokia 8.2 5G with a 64MP camera and an affordable price tag is expected to debut at MWC 2020

Faisal Rasool

Now that almost every major smartphone manufacturer has introduced a 5G flagship (Huawei, Samsung, OnePlus, and Oppo to name a few), reportedly, Nokia’s parent company HMD has, too, shifted their focus to bringing a 5G capable high-end smartphone to the market. If these insider reports pan out, it’ll prove that the influence of this veteran hasn’t waned, even if their market share has taken a hit.

Following the still very recent Nokia 6.2 release, multiple reports have pointed to Nokia 8.2 being this mystery 5G variant. As per the source, this upcoming device will come with a quadruple-camera package, an all-screen notch-free design thanks to a pop-up selfie camera module, and will debut Nokia’s first-ever 64-megapixel lens. On the front, you could be looking at a 32-megapixel lens housed in the said pop-up module.

As impressive as this feature and design set may be, HMD has hinted that the phone won’t be a true flagship since it will be retailing for an ‘affordable’ price. If that’s actually the case, this supposed flagship-killer might be the world’s first budget 5G phone.

Speaking of fresh specifications, Nokia 8.2 5G is also tipped to rock a Snapdragon 730 chipset, paired with a hefty 8 GB RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. Allegedly, the phone also supports up to 400 GB of expandable storage, so unlike most flagships out there, HMD won’t be lopping off microSD support. There’s no concrete information regarding the screen, but the rumors signal to a 6.5-inch IPS FHD+ LCD display.

The phone is still in the works and isn’t expected to hit the market until early 2020, so it’s safe to assume that HMD will unveil the phone at MWC2020. Where most flagships with 5G connectivity will run you to at least $1,000, official sources from HMD claim that this handset will only cost you a fraction of the price –almost around 78,000 PKR according to current estimates. Do you think this phone would change the game for Nokia mobile offerings, all of which seem dated?