Nokia 6.4/Nokia 6.3 Featured in Unofficial Product Mockups; Detailed Images Reveal A Familiar Design

Faisal Rasool

HMD Global is lagging on its smartphone releases. Aside from the several Nokia 9.3 delays, the mid-range Nokia 600 series was also last refreshed in 2019. While the Nokia 2, 3, and 5 are in their fourth generation, the Nokia 6.2 was the last entry in its lineup. Now, its successor was spotted in leaked product renders. Here’s your first look at Nokia 6.4/6.3.

Courtesy of Steve Hemmerstoffer of Voice, the Nokia 6.4/6.3 report notes the specifications and product images. The product isn’t named, however. Nokia mostly has a consistent naming scheme, so the upcoming should be called Nokia 6.3.

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But Nokia 3.3 doesn’t exist. HMD skipped a generation and picked Nokia 3.4. The 600 series missed its yearly October launch last year, so functionally, the model will be Nokia 6.4, regardless of what HMD Global calls it.

They haven’t redesigned the phone, simply tweaked it. The new Nokia 6.3/6.4 design has chamfered, curved edges. The donut camera housing and notched screen are back. But, the coin-shaped fingerprint scanner is gone.

It’s now merged with the side-facing power button. You’ll also find a dedicated button for summoning the Google Assistant — a neat feature common to all new Nokias.

The dimensions have grown too. Nokia 6.4 will be 9.2mm thick (10mm with the bump), compared to the Nokia 6.2’s 8.3mm frame. The screen extends 6.45” across, up from 6.3”. And the 3.5mm headphone survived another year.