Apple iPhone SE 4 to Rejuvenate iPhone XR Frame, with Old Screen and New CPU

Sohail Akhtar

Reportedly, a new flagship killer under R&D will soon meet the global budget phone market. Surprisingly, it’s not an Android smartphone as you would expect. It’s the next iteration of Apple’s SE series, dubbed iPhone SE 4. And the rumor mill anticipates quite a hype over this new phone. Here’s a reason why.

Apple Inc is allegedly putting a pin on that repulsive small screen form factor, passed down to SEs for the last three generations. The chain finally realizes that the old iPhone 8-like blueprints are obsolete. And with that realization, they are planning to rejuvenate a slightly modern iPhone line phone to go out as SE 4 iPhone.

SE’s traditional rehash will now utilize 2018’s iPhone XR as the following year’s iPhone SE 4. The move will undoubtedly heat the Android vs. iPhone battle. And with the right price, the SE flagship killer will take over the Androids in 2023. 

If you recall, the XR launched as an entry-level phone amid the X-series in 2018. The addition outsold more premium XS phones in several regions. No doubt that the model is at the low bar of premium (no water resistance, wireless charging, a zoom camera, OIS, etc.), but it’s a massive jump over the last three SEs no word yet on the upcoming iPhone's latest price

If the chain plans to take the traditional route of rehash, you can expect iPhone SE 4 with the same 720p LCD, 60Hz mega-notched screen as the iPhone XR. Different theories out there might suggest otherwise. Despite all the jabber about the refurbished screens, you can bet that Apple’s latest bionic A16 chip abounds the SE 4.

Other stats might include a 12MP rear camera, a 7MP selfie shooter, a 3000mAh cell, 20W charging, 64-128-256Gigs of storage teamed with 4GB RAMs, and an IP67 protection rating. As opposed to the touch, a face ID seems imminent with SE4. The upcoming handset is expected to cost half the iPhone 14 Pro Price.


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