iPhone SE 2022 is a Repurposed iPhone 8 with Improved Internal Specs and 5G, Analyst Reports

Faisal Rasool

Apple's next budget iPhone, the sequel to iPhone SE 2020, reportedly launches this year. It has already made a few headlines over the past few months. Rumor had it that Apple is overhauling the phone’s design. And upgrading network connectivity to 5G. But a new report from an industry analyst tells a different story.

Developer and Apple analyst Dylan (@dylandkt) notes that the upcoming iPhone SE, dubbed iPhone SE 2022, is a repurposed iPhone 8. Not unlike its predecessor from 2020, except the chip inside this iPhone SE supports 5G. 

The iPhone SE that was previously tipped — one that follows the iPhone XR or iPhone 11 design — has been pushed off to 2024. This SE version supposedly has reduced bezels, a 6” display, and a thumbprint scanner on the power button.

But for the New iPhone SE 2022, we’re still looking at a classic home button with Touch ID. Not to mention the fat top and bottom bezels. The screen sandwiched between these bezels is a compact 4.7” panel. The shell has a solitary camera in a corner and Apple’s branding in the center.

While there are no changes in design, the upcoming iPhone SE 2022 will be the cheapest 5G iPhone of all time. The chip at the iPhone’s heart is the Bionic A15 — the latest and greatest flagship platform that powers the iPhone 13 line. The iPhone SE 2022 reportedly drops in the first half of 2022. We should learn more details in the meantime.


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