Huawei's Next-gen Smartwatch Can Monitor Your Blood Pressure; Launching Later This Year

Faisal Rasool

Since their market share in the smartphone industry tanked, Huawei has been doubling down on their other consumer electronics — TVs, earbuds, a new series of tablets and laptops, and of course, wearables. A whole slew of these products is debuting at a launch event in China tomorrow. But Huawei also has plans to follow up with more smart products for the rest of the year, starting with a recently-teased smartwatch.

He Gang, President of Huawei’s Consumer Business, took to the Chinese microblogging website Weibo to make the announcement. The executive reports that their next smartwatch will be able to monitor your blood pressure, not just heart rate and blood oxygen.

We don’t have the product name yet, but if it’s a sequel to last year’s Huawei Watch Fit, we could be looking at the Watch Fit 2. At any rate, It has already cleared its medical device registration test. And it’s launching in the latter half of 2021. Based on the same research project, Huawei is also developing dedicated equipment for gauging blood pressure.

The press release didn’t include any specifics for the product. You can expect the watch to join the Huawei price list soon, featuring HarmonyOS and eSIM connectivity.

In the meantime, Huawei will be conducting clinical trials for this smartwatch in medical institutions. Huawei might also introduce functionality related to hypertension management, body temperature health, and ECG-based heart screening in the future. The relevant studies are already well underway.


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