Apple iPhone SE 4 Reported to Unveil with OLED Display in 2025

Sohail Akhtar

Apple fans may have something exciting to look forward to, as hinted by “The Elec’s” earlier post. The report identifies a significant upgrade for the budget-friendly iPhone SE line in 2025. The speculation revolves around the possible integration of an OLED display in the iPhone SE 4, aligning it with the more premium offerings in Apple's roster.

Currently, the iPhone SE is the only model in Apple's arsenal still utilizing LCD technology. The potential shift to OLED seems noteworthy, bringing advantages such as brighter colors, deeper blacks, and an overall enhancement in image quality compared to IPS LCDs.

Despite these upgrades, Apple appears keen on maintaining the affordability factor for the iPhone SE 4. The battleground for supply is reportedly between two major display manufacturers, Samsung and BOE, competing to provide Apple with the new screens.

Price-wise, OLED panels typically incur higher manufacturing costs. However, fierce competition between suppliers might enable Apple to keep the new iPhone budget model's cost within budget. Samsung, known for offering the lowest price, seems poised to secure a significant portion of the orders, allegedly quoting $30 per unit. On the other hand, BOE's limit stands at $35.

Tienma, a Chinese display manufacturer, has reportedly quoted the highest price at $40 for the iPhone SE 4 component. The quotes from Samsung and BOE represent a one-third reduction compared to the panels used in the iPhone 15, giving Apple a comfortable margin.

While a production partner is not confirmed, Apple is reportedly exploring even more cost-effective options in the mid-20s range. The exact launch date remains uncertain, but speculations hint at a 2025 timeframe for the eagerly anticipated Apple iPhone SE 4.


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