Apple iPhone SE 4 Reported to Showcase a New Form-factor and Increased Screen Size

Sohail Akhtar

Shortly after its flagship lineup debut, Apple Inc typically unveils the iPhone SE in the year's first quarter. Reportedly, the fourth iteration of the iPhone SE is in the works, and some critical details about its form factor have leaked ahead of its launch.

DSCC's Ross Young reports the iPhone SE 4's expected screen size. According to him, the SE 4 will likely carry a notched screen with a 6.1-inch display. Since the SE series has a history of renewing the older iPhone designs with improved high-end hardware, the display stats point to a renewed iPhone X as the next-gen SE.

Ross Young also negates his previous statement about the display being 5.7-inch to 6.1-inch with a punch hole cutout enclosing the front-facing camera, which didn't align with SE's history. At this point, the baseline iPhone X is about five years old, so it makes more sense that SE will feature its form factor.

Whether or not the upcoming iPhone new model will bring Face ID with a true-depth camera is still a mystery. Traditionally, touch ID support has been standard among SE phones. There are some reports that Apple will stick with Touch ID on the upcoming SE too. 

Since the brand is allegedly switching the iPhone 8's form factor with iPhone X's, the touch ID is more likely to shift from the home button to the side, as there won't be much space for a capacitive touch ID on the front array spanning from corner to corner.

With Apple using the design of older iPhone models for the SE series phone, it looks like the iPhone SE 4 will be similar to the iPhone X, launched five years ago. But that's limited to appearance only. Performance-wise, the SEs uphold the tradition of boasting the latest processor and internals from the company.


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