Apple iPhone SE 4 Production Setbacks May Postpone its Release Until 2026; Analyst Reports

Sohail Akhtar

Although not as impressive as its Supreme counterparts, Apple iPhone SE lineup remains a popular option for consumers on a budget. Unluckily, for the fourth-generation iPhone SE, the leaks are rife with conflicting reports indicating a delay until the 2025 or 2026 for its debut.

Earlier, a well-versed analyst from the industry predicted that the Apple iPhone SE 4 would not go official on time. Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple insider, claimed the same thing recently and added further to the speculations about the delayed handset.

According to Kuo's predictions, the forthcoming iPhone SE 4 will embrace a design akin to the iPhone 14 series, boasting an OLED screen of approximately 6.1 inches. It suggests that the legacy mini display and the Touch ID button will soon become a distant memory for users.  

Apple is currently subjecting the latest SE prototype to rigorous testing, assessing the efficacy of its proprietary 5G modem intended for the upcoming Apple new SE model. Kuo reports that the mass production of SE could be postponed until 2026 or even beyond if the test did not yield the expected results. 

On the contrary, if the testing did go as planned, Apple might dissolve its reliance on Qulacomm's 5G modems. Assessing Apple's history with changes, the transition process will be gradual and unhurried. So you won't be seeing a new SE phone anytime soon.

While the future of entry-level SE 4 is unsure, the company's flagship portfolio will continue to serve consumers with new and improved iPhones, including the next Year's iPhone 15 series, heralded to feature iterative chamfered designs and extra immersive screens.   


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