Apple iPhone 17 Pro Max Rumored to Sport 48MP Telephoto Lens for Enhanced Imaging

Sohail Akhtar

In the ever-green world of iPhone rumors, the spotlight is now on the potential camera upgrade for the Apple iPhone 17 Pro Max, with whispers suggesting a 48MP telephoto lens on its way. The grapevine is churning out insights from analyst Jeff Pu, famed for his insider knowledge of Apple.

According to Pu's research note centered on Largan Precision, a key Apple supplier, the speculated 48MP telephoto lens could be central in optimizing the iPhone 17 Pro's camera performance.  

While Pu remained tight-lipped about the finer details of the lens, he suggested its connection to Apple's Vision Pro headset. The possibility of a camera aimed at immersive virtual reality adds intrigue to the 2025 iPhone lineup.

For context, the current iPhone 15 Pro models have a camera setup featuring a 48MP primary lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 12MP telephoto lens. The iOS 17.2 update has enhanced these iPhone new models with the capability to record spatial videos with 3D depth, tailored for playback on the Vision Pro. 

The primary and ultra-wide lenses collaboratively capture depth when the device is recording in the landscape mode. This latest rumor builds on previous gossip about a 48MP ultra-wide lens in the iPhone 16 Pro models, suggesting that the iPhone 17 Pro Max could flaunt a rear camera system entirely composed of 48MP lenses. 

The implications are promising since a higher MP count translates to more detailed photos, ideal for cropping, zooming, and printing large-format images. Higher pixel count also has the potential for better-quality spatial videos for Vision Pro.

However, with the iPhone 17 Pro's anticipated launch two years away in September 2025, it's crucial to know that Apple's plans could evolve during the development journey. Until then, the rumor mill will keep us entertained with leaks.