Apple iPhone 16 Leaked Cases Confirm the Return of iPhone X Design; Have a Look

Usama Rasool

Excitement is stirring as leaked images of iPhone 16 cases go viral, suggesting a departure from the familiar square camera module design that has become synonymous with Apple's flagship smartphones. For a long time, iPhone users have grown accustomed to the iconic boxy look, but recent leaks hint at a potential revival of the old 'iPhone X' design.

Shared by a user on X, the leaked cases offer a glimpse into the possible upcoming iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus designs. Immediately noticeable is the shift from the traditional square module to a larger pill-shaped design for the camera array. This sudden nod to the iPhone X era evokes a sense of nostalgia, albeit with a modern twist.

Compared to the compact camera setup of the past, the proposed pill-shaped notch housing larger camera sensors may initially catch some off guard. The evolution from small to prominent camera modules reflects the ongoing advancements in mobile photography.

So, what prompted Apple to embrace this new design language? One reason could be the need for a vertical camera alignment in the new upcoming iPhones to support spatial video recording. It hints at potential upgrades in multimedia playback and recording. Additionally, the desire to inject controversy into the market has influenced Apple's decision to revisit a beloved design.

Rumors abound regarding additional features of the iPhone 16 series, including the Action Button and a pressure-sensitive Capture Button. Anticipation continues to mount for the official unveiling, and fans eagerly await confirmation of these speculated features.

With the potential return to the 'iPhone X' design and the promise of new features, the iPhone 16 series will offer a change of pace to users who have grown weary of Apple’s squared-camera imbued look.